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Village of Monroeville

Income Tax Department

RITA: 1-800-860-7482 x5002


Village of Monroeville

Fiscal Officer: Bonnie Beck

Administrative Specialist: Heather Alicea

Ph: 419-465-4443

Fax: 419-465-2259

Email: IncomeTax@MonroevilleOhio.com

~The 2023 tax filing deadline date is Monday, April 15th, 2024~

The Village of Monroeville utilizes the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) for collecting municipal income taxes (as of 1/1/2021). Please be sure to file your Village of Monroeville income tax return at www.RitaOhio.com. For more information, please see the RITA information letter and the Income Tax Information form under the Available Documents section of this page. If you have questions about your completed income tax return with RITA, please call 1-800-860-7482, ext. 5002. Penalty and interest charges went into effect with all RITA invoices dated 1/21/22 and after, for late filing, balance due, and estimated payments. RITA penalty and interest rates can be found at www.RitaOhio.com

If you owe an income tax balance that accrued prior to 1/1/21 or if you need to file a Village of Monroeville Income Tax Return dated prior to 1/1/21, please contact the Village Administrative Office.

If you are a new resident and/or new business, you are required to fill out and return an Income Tax Registration form and/or a Business Income Tax Registration form. The forms can be downloaded under the Available Documents section of this page. 

Available Documents

RITA Information Letter

Regional Income Tax Agency

Income Tax Information

Resident Income Tax Registration Form

Business Income Tax Registration Form